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Psychedelic Exploration "in the wild" Begins Here

SetSet is here for the 3 out of 4 people who consume psychedelics with friends & loved ones at home or in nature - outside of a clinical setting. 
Picnic setting

01 - education 

Ready? Get SetSet. GO!

SetSet offers several tools to help you navigate psychedelics.

Practical information from medical experts on all the ways to optimize Set & Setting.

Download PDF guides on psilocybin, ketamine, and more.

Follow our therapist-created weekly integrative microdosing schedule & learn how to personalize your protocol.

Check out SetSet on Spotify.
SetSet, our novel psychedelic card game, invites you to deepen your journeys with these cards that inspire thought, incite laughter, and ignite your inner child. 
Use these cards for 1:1 journeys with a guide, with a larger group of friends or friendlies, or solo dolo.  

02 - experience

Join us IN THE WILD at ticketed events in Seattle, Toronto, and beyond. From museum dose meet-ups, with psilocybin partner OF LIKE MINDS to Game Night with Tilson to women-friendly panels, SetSet provides safe spaces for psychedelic exploration.

Upcoming & past SetSet Sessions are listed here: 

03- Engagement

SetSet Session:
SetSet Session:
SetSet Session:
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