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Psychedelic Exploration  Begins Here

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Psychedelic Masterclass


Support to Make the Most of Your Psychedelic Experiences


SetSet takes the guesswork out of psychedelics, offering clinically-backed, accessible tools that promote meaningful - and lasting - change in your life.

  • Learn which psychedelic medicine is right for you

  • Know that you are on track to get “unstuck”

  • Join a community of like-minded humans

SetSet, our novel psychedelic card game, invites you to deepen your journeys with these cards that inspire thought, incite laughter, and ignite your inner child. 
Use these cards for 1:1 journeys with a guide, with a larger group of friends or friendlies, or solo dolo.  

psychedelic card game

Join Founder April Pride in Seattle every month on the 1st Tuesday for Psychedelic Salon. Each month enjoy featured guests, Q&A, and a round of SetSet with like-minded humans. 

Psychedelic Salon - RSVP

SetSet Session:
SetSet Session:
SetSet Session:
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